We Provide Services on

e-Learning Solutions

Our staff can help you from conceptualization to delivery, with over ten years of experience with international e-learning initiatives.

Audiovisual Services

We understand our world through visuals. We specialize in audiovisual productions for live, synchronous, and asynchronous experiences.

Interactive Resources

Interactive resources could be the difference between effective knowledge sharing and just “sharing”.

Mobile Solutions

Engagement is four times more effective through an app vs mobile web browsers. Expand your experience with an app tailored to your needs.

Collaborative Platforms

The goal is to build a community to share knowledge. We help our clients foster that collaboration through user-friendly solutions.

Engagement Strategies

Through advance analytics and visualizations, we help customers develop strategies to leverage data for decision-making.

Our Methodology

What we can do to help you deliver amazing experiences.

1. Interactive Design

Through comprehensive consultations, we work to land a concrete and complete proposal.

2. Prototyping & Analysis

We bring your ideas under rigorous QA and stress testing, and optimize it based on results.

3. Magic Touch

Just like a secret ingredient, care for every detail, until the project is in optimal shape.

4. Finalize Project

Ready to launch! Our goal is to bring every project to long-lasting fruition.

About Mycrom Logistics

Technology for Development

Why our passion for development?

We believe in putting our knowledge and capacities in projects that matter, and that make a difference.

In a world with an overwhelming need to strengthen its capacities, to learn, share knowledge and experiences, we find that learning and collaborative solutions through technology is the way to expand exponentially the impact of some of these initiatives.

Why Choose Us?

We have been serving the international development community through several projects with different specifications, for almost 10 years. We understand the complexities of bringing a project to life and respond to mandates from several stakeholders. Our experience with digital communications, e-learning and knowledge sharing solutions make us your ideal partner.

Connect with us

Send us your thoughts, let’s bring your project to life.

Please use the following contact form to send us your thoughts, share an idea about a project you would like us to help you with, even if you don’t have all the details, we will be sure to follow-up with you.