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Wouldn’t it be great to explore and interact with artifacts from different cultures and different times? The “Museum in your Living Room” was a project I worked on at American University’s Game Lab, that involved new techniques for audiovisual capture, including depth and proximity, to achieve hologram-like recordings of former Peace Corps volunteers and the artifacts they collected during their time in a different country throughout the world. In this prototype, the user can visualize through a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses the “holograms” of Peace Corps volunteers in their own space, and hear the story behind a 3D recreated version of their artifact.

This project used photogrammetry techniques to recreate a series of artifacts through a delicate process of capturing several hundreds or thousands of pictures from every possible angle, and as sharp as possible, then processed through a software that infers the position and recreates the object, resulting in a 3D artifact placeable in the real augmented space.


  • Project date : February, 2019
  • Equipment : Sony A77 & Xbox Kinect 1st version
  • Software : Unity & LuminOS

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